Customer Innovation

How EquiRatings champions Big Data and Redefines Fan Engagement

Sam Watson, World Top Ten Eventing Rider and Co-Founder of EquiRatings, and Diarmuid Byrne, his business partner, show how an Irish start-up brings equine sports into the 21st century using data-driven insights. Their mission is to accelerate progress in all equine sports by providing information which allows their clients to create informed strategies and make better decisions, faster. From improving performance, guiding team selection for international competitions, managing risk, or engaging fans, EquiRatings provides evidence-based solutions using a unique blend of vision, technology and innovation, powered by SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform. With the Eventing Prediction Centre, using simulation and predictive technology, the company has built the first ever tool in the sport, that actually quantifies who the favorite is for every equine sports competition in the world. Find out in this video, how Sam Watson, using his own tools, has managed to bring his athletic performance to the next level.