Novo Mesto is Becoming a Smart City

The historical Slowenian town in a scenic bend of the River Krka is going through a digital revolution. To better use precious natural resources and enhance live quality and prosperity, the city is implementing a full smart city infrastructure. Together with SAP and partner Telekom Slovenia, Novo mesto installed sensors all over the city to gather data on all aspects of the environment from water usage and air pollution to the impact of light pollution caused by artificial light which alters natural conditions. The data are collected with SAP Leonardo and analyzed with SAP Analytics, all IoT platforms run on the SAP Cloud Platform. The data are used by the municipal government to make operational decisions and by citizens using mobile apps, for example, to find available parking spaces. “We realize that managing city resources is not just a job for the government. We have to help people make lifestyle changes,” says the deputy mayor, Bostjan Grobler. “It's not enough to motivate people to buy electric cars; we have to make sure they can easily park and recharge them.” Learn how real-time insights help cities provide better citizen experiences: