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Mindfulness Practice – Head, Body, Heart Check-in

Maybe you know the feeling: you are about to give an important presentation and don't really feel connected with yourself and your audience. Find out about a simple exercise that helps you better perceive your situation and be more authentic and present for your audience. To find out more, watch this video from SAP Global Mindfulness Practice. SAP Global Mindfulness Practice helps employees improve their well-being, productivity and leadership skills. One of the most successful employee programs at SAP started as a grassroots initiative. Some years later, the two-day mindfulness and emotional intelligence workshop “Search Inside Yourself” has become the company's most popular training, with more than 9,000 trained practitioners and over 8,000 employees on waiting lists. “Our goal is crystal clear: Improve employee well-being in the workplace,” says Peter Bostelmann, SAP's Chief Mindfulness Officer and Head of Global Mindfulness Practice. “SAP benefits most when everyone is fully present at work. The Search Inside Yourself course is designed to help people improve their concentration, become compassionate and empathetic, and stay true to themselves.” Even SAP's customers learn from SAP Global Mindfulness Practice.