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  • SAP Annual Shareholder Meeting 2019 [01:47]

    SAP CEO Bill McDermott speaks to shareholders about SAP‘s financial year and the company's bright future. (May. 2019)

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  • Counterattack: “We're fighting back against the loggers.” [02:57]

    98% of an Ecuador rainforest is destroyed, most by illegal logging. Now, we climb up into the forest canopy with conservationists to install 'listening devices' in the trees, which will alert rangers to chainsaws and logging trucks. Learn more about SAP's technologies that are powering Rainforest Connection here: https://cloudplatform.sap.com/success... (May. 2019)

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  • Mindfulness Practice – Three Breaths [01:05]

    Maybe you know the feeling: you are desperately trying to reach the deadline and noticing that your colleague is not trying as hard as you. Before you let your frustration and negative thoughts run wild and write an angry email, try this easy to use mindfulness practice. (May. 2019)

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  • Achtsamkeitspraxis – Drei Atemzüge [01:05]

    Vielleicht kennen Sie ja das Gefühl: Sie versuchen mit allen Mitteln die Deadline zu erreichen, während Ihr Kollege sich nicht mal ansatzweise in die Arbeit reinhängt. Bevor Sie Ihrer Frustration und Ihren negativen Gedanken freien Lauf lassen und eine wütende Email schreiben, probieren Sie mal diese einfache Achtsamkeitsübung. (May. 2019)

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  • Mindfulness Practice – Minute to Arrive [01:13]

    Maybe you know the feeling: you are sitting in a meeting but you are only physically present – you are distracted by your thoughts and feelings about a past phone call and worrying about a presentation you need to accomplish later. Find out about a simple exercise to be present in the moment and to fully focus on your meeting. (May. 2019)

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  • Achtsamkeitspraxis – Eine Minute zum Ankommen [01:13]

    Vielleicht kennen Sie ja das Gefühl: Sie sitzen in einem Meeting , aber sind nur körperlich präsent – In Gedanken sind Sie noch bei einem vergangenen Telefonanruf oder bereits bei einer zukünftigen Präsentation. Mit dieser einfachen Übung schaffen Sie es, sich völlig auf den Moment und auf Ihr Meeting zu fokussieren. (May. 2019)

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  • Improving patients‘ health with SAP Technology [03:25]

    Austrian hygienics Company Hagleitner relies on SAP tech to become an intelligent enterprise improving the hygiene in hospitals worldwide. (Apr. 2019)

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  • Wie SAP Technologie die Gesundheit von Patienten verbessert [03:21]

    Der österreichische Hygiene-Produzent Hagleitner wird zum Intelligenten Unternehmen und verbessert dabei weltweit die Hygiene in Krankenhäusern mithilfe von SAP. (Apr. 2019)

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  • A Fine Harvest - Weingut Markgraf von Baden bets on SAP [02:41]

    German winemaker Markgraf von Baden produces fine vintages since many centuries. SAP BusinessByDesign helps the traditional company to be an intelligent enterprise. (Apr. 2019)

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  • Especially in hectic times, it's important to take a break [01:31]

    Katrin Guenter, Head of Success & Service for the Customer Experience Business, believes in an open and friendly relationship with her team that allows everyone to feel confident and to bring in own ideas. Her personal antidote to stress are Yoga exercises, being in nature, and regularly trying out new things. (Feb. 2019)

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  • Hasso Plattner Founders' Award 2018 [02:40]

    (Feb. 2019)

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  • Mindfulness Plays a Big Role in my Life [01:49]

    As SAP's Global Ombudsperson, Margret Ammann, supports employees in difficult situations helping them to find a solution. Her mindfulness practice helps her to stay impartial and to listen openly to any client that seeks her advice. What gives her new energy is her hobby, book-binding. To achieve a good result, she needs to be fully present in the moment and stay concentrated during the whole process – a rewarding exercise. (Jan. 2019)

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  • Reimagining Customer Engagement [03:08]

    Putting the customer at the center of everything:–The New Customer eXperience team took it to heart and flipped the script on how SAP works with customers. (Jan. 2019)

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  • Better Decisions with SAP Business Network [02:53]

    The SAP Business Network processes $2.6T of global commerce annually. But it's so much more than that. (Jan. 2019)

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  • The Digital Access Model – a First of Its Kind [02:57]

    How an SAP team rethought commercial approaches. (Jan. 2019)

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  • Improving Deal Quality with the Deal Health Index [02:47]

    (Dec. 2018)

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  • “The Home of All Your (Team) Work” [02:57]

    An intrapreneur startup has been nominated for the Hasso Plattner Founders' Award. (Dec. 2018)

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  • Humor and Easiness Help Enormously in the Everyday Life [01:31]

    As head of global employee communications, Rebecca Nicholson is the link between the Executive Board, leadership and employees. This often means high pressure, high working loads and tight deadlines. Especially when it's getting tough, her natural sense of humor helps her to keep a little distance and not to take herself too seriously. In her team, she often shares funny drawings or videos – good team spirit is highly valued. (Nov. 2018)

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  • Welcome to a New, In-Solution Support Experience [02:54]

    DSX built-in support offers customers intelligent, personalized guidance to help them answer their questions and solve issues. (Dec. 2018)

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  • Gardener - Planting the Seeds of Success in the Cloud [02:31]

    Take a stroll through the scenic Gardener project and the “develop once, run anywhere” philosophy at the heart of the SAP Cloud Platform. (Nov. 2018)

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