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  • A Project of Global Proportions [02:33]

    SAP Runs SAP": How one team rose to the challenge of implementing a project for a very special audience – the entire workforce of SAP. (Nov. 2018)

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  • Where I am is where I want to be [01:34]

    “I joyfully do my job and I don't look back with tears in my eyes at my potential career as a surfer”, says André Herter, Head of Digital Business Services Germany. Mindfulness in daily life means to him that he fully concentrates on what he currently does – either doing it wholeheartedly or dropping it completely. (Nov. 2018)

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  • Wearable Life Savers [02:29]

    Reduce diagnosis for epilepsy patients from years to days. French start-up BioSerenity has achieved that with the Neuronaute, a wearable textile solution. (Nov. 2018)

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  • "At the End of the Day We Are All Personally Responsible for Ourselves“ [01:41]

    Behiye Jutta Schneider, Head of DBS Global Service Delivery, talks about her passion for figures and for her job. When she reads an Annual Report she can completely relax and forget the world around her. She highly values working relationships of mutual trust, where she can be authentic. The most important person in her life is her husband, who supports her in any way – as a great father, advisor and best friend. (Sep. 2018)

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  • "My Little Daughter Exemplifies the Art of Fully Living Each Moment" [01:33]

    Christopher Sessar, Chief Financial Officer SAP Deutschland, loves new challenges. Only a few months ago, he has started in his current position, at the same time when his daughter was born. Sports and his young family help him to stay in balance and fully live each moment. (Aug. 2018)

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  • „Blow Your Lights AUT” [03:32]

    Soccer summer. Like the World Cup , SAP's annual soccer tournament had a clear winner. (Jul. 2018)

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  • Ballance and SAP – Sustainable Farming in New Zealand [03:27]

    New Zealand's agri-nutrient cooperative Balance ensures that farmers get the right products at a tip of their fingers – with myBallance running on SAP C/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA applications. (Jul. 2018)

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  • My Motto Is: Create Free Spaces! [01:43]

    Head of SAP Enterprise Analytics and SAP for You Champion Rouven Morato describes how mindfulness helps him to keep the balance between a demanding job and his private life. His personal motto: create free spaces – clear the head and spend time away from the desk for a few minutes. (Jul. 2018)

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  • “To feel Well I Follow a Few Simple Rules in My Daily Life” [01:36]

    Head of SAP Cloud Platform Services and SAP for You Champion Gunther Rothermel shows how mindful self-management helps him organize tasks, stay focused and innovative. (Jul. 2018)

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  • Team AkzoNobel relies on SAP Leonardo Edge for Volvo Ocean Race 2018 [03:19]

    SAP partners with Team AkzoNobel to analyze athletes' performance during the world's hardest sailing regatta by using SAP Leonardo. (Jun. 2018)

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