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  • Fighting Invasive Species with SAP HANA, AI and Machine Learning [04:00]

    Climate change causes new, often times harmful, species invading new habitats jeopardizing our health. The giant hogweed is an invasive species causing serious health issues and high costs for communities in Europe and the USA. SAP teamed up with Prodrone and itelligence to use cutting edge technology to enable foresters to fight this new plague more efficiently. Find out how SAP tech helps fight invasive species: http://www.sap.com/hana (Oct. 2019)

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  • Taking Cirque du Soleil's Customer Experience to New Heights with Qualtrics [03:59]

    Cirque du Soleil is known for its mind-bending and groundbreaking in-show performances, but it's now shining a light on one-of-a-kind pre-show experiences between performers and audiences with an innovative collaboration with Qualtrics. (Oct. 2019)

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  • Mind the Gap – Are You Ready for the Experience Economy? [01:01]

    Humans experience 27 different types of feelings, and any of them can make or break entire industries. Moments tend to be more memorable than goods, yet there's a big disconnect between expectations and reality when it comes to perceived customer experience. Technology can help bridge this experience gap and bring us closer together. Learn more about the future of Experience Management at: www.sap.com/xm (Aug. 2019)

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  • The Prize that Transforms: Hasso Plattner Founders' Award [02:31]

    Find out how SAP's most prestigious employee recognition has influenced the careers and thinking of those who have received it. In 2014, SAP CEO Bill McDermott introduced an innovation award which recognizes employees for inspirational and extraordinary achievement that reflects the founders' legacy of innovation, entrepreneurialism, and courage. The award carries the name of Hasso Plattner, who is SAP's current Supervisory Board chairman and inventor of SAP HANA, the in-memory database management system introduced in 2010. SAP News asked selected winners of the Hasso Plattner Founders' Award how the experience had influenced their careers or changed their approach to work, and whether they think it fosters an innovation culture at SAP. The answers were surprising and inspiring. (Jul. 2019)

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  • How an Equestrian Fan Experiences Ingrid Klimke at CHIO Aachen [05:54]

    Eventing European Champion Ingrid Klimke has won the #SAPCup, one highlight of the world festival of equestrian sports, CHIO Aaachen 2019. Over three days of the tournament, Ingrid is shadowed by a young fan, Melanie Scholz, who follows her idol through the three phases of the eventing competition. Melanie also tests the tools from technology sponsor SAP that help creating a seamless fan experience at CHIO Aachen: Live Tracking, Spectator Judging, SAP Equestrian Insights and the EquiRatings Prediction Center. Watch here Ingrid Klimke's winning cross-country round with SAP Hale Bob OLD. Through the sensors on the riders SAP Equestrian Analytics provides you with details around the rides – both live during the SAP Cup and in this video. So fasten your seat belts and enjoy the flight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUYylRlP18E (Jul. 2019)

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  • SAP 30 Years APJ [04:59]

    Scott Russell, President, SAP Asia Pacific Japan, reflects on SAP´s 30 years in APJ. (Jul. 2019)

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  • How SAP Tech Helps Prevent Disasters in Japan [02:52]

    Japan is threatened by natural disasters. To minimize damages and prevent losses of lives Oita University and SAP teamed up and created a disaster prevention and education program based on SAP HANA Platform and using SAP Leonardo machine learning capabilities. Learn more about disaster prevention with SAP Leonardo: https://blogs.sap.com/2018/12/27/disaster-prevention-reduction-with-sap-leonardo/ (Jul. 2019)

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  • We Can Solve the Ocean Plastics Crisis If We Work Together [03:02]

    At the Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit at Bermuda Islands, in the North Atlantic Gyre, 162 global leaders in the plastics supply chain came together for an expedition. They encountered firsthand the ocean plastics crisis and worked together on solutions. (Jun. 2019)

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  • Made-to-Measure Fashion at Off-the-Rack Prices [02:57]

    Chinese apparel designer iFashion Cloud has developed a cost-effective process for producing custom clothing using digititalization. (Jun. 2019)

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  • SAP in Vietnam: “Not Just the Next Tiger, But a Very Unique Dragon” [03:05]

    SAP's business in Vietnam is growing at full speed, spurred on by more than just the country's economic miracle. SAP Vietnam Managing Director Josephin Galla shares the secrets of her team's success. Want to get the full picture? Read the story here: https://news.sap.com/2019/06/sap-vietnam-unique-dragon/ (Jul. 2019)

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