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  • Made-to-Measure Fashion at Off-the-Rack Prices [02:57]

    Chinese apparel designer iFashion Cloud has developed a cost-effective process for producing custom clothing using digititalization. (Jun. 2019)

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  • The Knowledge That our Generation Has Made a Difference [04:31]

    It all started when Stephen Jamieson's 7-year old daughter Olive could't sleep, because she was worried about plastic waste in the sea and she asked her father to do something. Stephen, Head of SAP Leonardo UK and Ireland, took on the challenge. The idea: using SAP's tools and technology to make the world a cleaner place. With the London Design Thinking Academy, he initiated the Plastics Challenge, a 3-day design sprint. One outcome was the Plastics Cloud, an SAP driven platform using SAP Leonardo realtime analytics and compiling information, that can be used to forecast trends in plastics purchasing and recycling and enable new services. One of them is the Awards for Change app. It empowers customers to choose products based on packaging waste. Another prototype is the Recylemate app, that identifies the material of a piece of plastic waste and informs the consumer about the next point of disposal. And the data collected by the Plastics Cloud are the ideal foundation to drive more sustainable solutions, towards significantly reducing our plastic foodprint. (May. 2019)

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  • Helping Young Minds Master the Challenges of Youth [02:19]

    SAP is partnering with a Beijing-based startup and psychology researchers to help teachers discover and treat developmental health problems in school children. (Jun. 2019)

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  • “Exclusion is what you do yourself for the most part” [05:01]

    Joerg Beissel is responsible for SAP's outdoor facilities in Germany – and he is HIV positive since 2015. See why he decided to tell his story publicly and to proactively support #positivarbeiten - a corporate initiative for non-discriminatory and respectful treatment of HIV positive people. (Jun. 2019)

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  • SAP Annual Shareholder Meeting 2019 [01:47]

    SAP CEO Bill McDermott speaks to shareholders about SAP‘s financial year and the company's bright future. (May. 2019)

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  • Counterattack: “We're fighting back against the loggers.” [02:57]

    98% of an Ecuador rainforest is destroyed, most by illegal logging. Now, we climb up into the forest canopy with conservationists to install 'listening devices' in the trees, which will alert rangers to chainsaws and logging trucks. Learn more about SAP's technologies that are powering Rainforest Connection here: https://cloudplatform.sap.com/success... (May. 2019)

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  • AI Saving Lives in China [02:05]

    Faster and more accurate diagnosis of lung cancer is saving lives in China thanks to artificial intelligence. It all started with an employee from SAP Labs China. (May. 2019)

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  • Mindfulness Practice – Three Breaths [01:05]

    Maybe you know the feeling: you are desperately trying to reach the deadline and noticing that your colleague is not trying as hard as you. Before you let your frustration and negative thoughts run wild and write an angry email, try this easy to use mindfulness practice. (May. 2019)

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  • Achtsamkeitspraxis – Drei Atemzüge [01:05]

    Vielleicht kennen Sie ja das Gefühl: Sie versuchen mit allen Mitteln die Deadline zu erreichen, während Ihr Kollege sich nicht mal ansatzweise in die Arbeit reinhängt. Bevor Sie Ihrer Frustration und Ihren negativen Gedanken freien Lauf lassen und eine wütende Email schreiben, probieren Sie mal diese einfache Achtsamkeitsübung. (May. 2019)

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  • Mindfulness Practice – Minute to Arrive [01:13]

    Maybe you know the feeling: you are sitting in a meeting but you are only physically present – you are distracted by your thoughts and feelings about a past phone call and worrying about a presentation you need to accomplish later. Find out about a simple exercise to be present in the moment and to fully focus on your meeting. (May. 2019)

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