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  • Rowing to Success

    Rowing to Success [03:08]

    To ensure their succes, the German Rowing Association has started an IoT co-innovation project with SAP to collect, monitor and analyze training data. Having access to most accurate live training data of his athletes scattered all over the country, allows the German head coach to optimally prepare them. During their training German rowing team tested a prototype, running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

  • Join Ingrid Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob OLD at the CICO3* in Aachen 2016 and watch their performance with SAP Equestrian Analytics

    Join Ingrid Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob OLD at the CICO3* in Aachen 2016 and watch their performance with SAP Equestrian Analytics [07:16]

    “SAP Equestrian Analytics is a tremendous support for my training and event preparations,” says Klimke, admitting she regularly reviews her data to see if she followed her strategy on the course. “Knowing precisely the speed and additional course data, digitally-fused with the video from the helmet camera allows me to improve those last small details necessary to get the competitive edge that counts.” Ingrid and Hale Bob came in 3rd in this international competition at CHIO Aachen 2016, and the German team finished in 2nd place after Team Australia.

  • SAP and FC Bayern in NYC

    SAP and FC Bayern in NYC [00:35]

    SAP's CFO, Luka Mucic, along with CEO of FC Bayern Munich, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, and FC Bayern Munich Player, Jerome Boateng, ring the Opening Bell® at New York Stock Exchange.

  • SPINterest

    SPINterest [00:59]

    SAP Sports One celebrates an anniversary and scores new business.

  • SAP Cup 2016

    SAP Cup 2016 [01:49]

    Besides the European Championship there was another event in July that kept SAP's soccer enthusiasts in suspense: during five days, SAP colleagues from all over Europe and the Near East gathered in the small German town of Rettigheim to fight for the SAP Cup 2016. SAP TV was in the midst of it all.

  • SPINterest

    SPINterest [01:00]

    Young coders score a new football prototype in the KickApp Cup Finals!

  • Keep Moving on the Job

    Keep Moving on the Job [00:57]

    It is all about you: take care of your health and keep fit to stay on top of your game through your entire working life and beyond!

  • Shoot and SCORE with SAP

    Shoot and SCORE with SAP [04:54]

    This year has been busy in the SAP sports world! Catch up on all of the highlights in this episode of SCORE with SAP!

  • "The Spin" with Megan Meany, episode 70

    "The Spin" with Megan Meany, episode 70 [04:08]

    This week's episode spins-up sports, award accolades, influencers and more!

  • The "Mannschaft" Teams Up with SAP

    The "Mannschaft" Teams Up with SAP [02:39]

    SAP and the "Mannschaft" introduce their latest co-developed prototypes at the base camp of the German team in Evian.

  • Software für Elfmeterkiller

    Software für Elfmeterkiller [02:13]

    SAP Penalty Insights gibt Torhütern die Informationen, die sie brauchen, um Elfmeter besser zu halten. Sie bietet Daten rund um Elfmeter zu allen Teams und Spielern bevorstehender Spiele.

  • Chat to Win

    Chat to Win [00:52]

    With the SAP Team One App users can share videos and images, and participate in chat rooms – whether that's between trainers, or discussions between the entire team.

  • Winning the Penalty Shoot-Out

    Winning the Penalty Shoot-Out [02:14]

    SAP Penalty Insights provides goalkeepers with insights into the tactical behavior related to penalty kicks of the next opponent's team.

  • Key to Success

    Key to Success [01:13]

    SAP Match Insights was developed prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The solution analyzes the team's performance and the performance of its opponents.

  • Know Your Challenger

    Know Your Challenger [01:41]

    SAP Challenger Insights helps the German team prepare for their upcoming matches by providing data insights of an opponent's offensive and defensive tendencies, formations, and more.

  • We are Ready – DFB and SAP Team up for European Finals

    We are Ready – DFB and SAP Team up for European Finals [01:18]

    The German National Football Team and SAP team up for the European Finals in France. Will SAP technology give the “Mannschaft” a competitive advantage again?

  • SOAR - Up, Up and Away!

    SOAR - Up, Up and Away! [11:16]

    It's the first episode of the show where we profile big thinkers, big ideas and we search high and low to find out what people who are making a difference are talking about!

  • Live Stadium Experience at CeBIT 2016

    Live Stadium Experience at CeBIT 2016 [01:30]

    Creating a perfect fan experience and manage large sports and entertainment events without a glitch? SAP demonstrates how Internet of Things and solutions on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform make it happen.

  • CeBIT 2016 - SAP in Sports and Entertainment

    CeBIT 2016 - SAP in Sports and Entertainment [01:05]

    Stefan Wagner, Global General Manager and SAP Head of Sports & Entertainment, talks about Digitization for fans, clubs, enterprises and leagues and the holistic offerings of SAP for these industries.

  • #Think Episode 5 - Silver

    #Think Episode 5 - Silver [03:19]

    Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, says, when it comes to the game and the business of basketball, technology is a slam dunk!

  • #THINK Episode 2: The NFL Is Crunching Numbers!

    #THINK Episode 2: The NFL Is Crunching Numbers! [02:27]

    In this episode of #THINK - SAP chats with the Assistant GM of the New York Giants, Kevin Abrams.

  • #THINK Episode 1 - Swarbrick

    #THINK Episode 1 - Swarbrick [02:37]

    Jack Swarbrick, University of Notre Dame's Athletic Director, talks about tech helping to keep Fighting Irish athletes healthy and fans engaged.

  • "The Spin" with Megan Meany, episode 60

    "The Spin" with Megan Meany, episode 60 [03:07]

    SAP was in the technology game at Super Bowl 50, Oliver Bierhoff shared winning strategies in Mexico, and on the heels of New York Fashion Week, SAP steps into a new retail relationship.

  • Eishockey Fans punkten mit SAP!

    Eishockey Fans punkten mit SAP! [02:58]

    Die neue Adler Mannheim App von SAP ist ein „Must-have“ für jeden Adler Fan. Die App bündelt Informationen über die Mannschaft und ihre Spielergebnisse und ermöglicht es gleichzeitig beim Merchandising wertvolle Punkte für exklusive Fanevents sammeln.




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