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  • Software für Elfmeterkiller

    Software für Elfmeterkiller [02:13]

    SAP Penalty Insights gibt Torhütern die Informationen, die sie brauchen, um Elfmeter besser zu halten. Sie bietet Daten rund um Elfmeter zu allen Teams und Spielern bevorstehender Spiele.

  • Chat to Win

    Chat to Win [00:52]

    With the SAP Team One App users can share videos and images, and participate in chat rooms – whether that's between trainers, or discussions between the entire team.

  • Winning the Penalty Shoot-Out

    Winning the Penalty Shoot-Out [02:14]

    SAP Penalty Insights provides goalkeepers with insights into the tactical behavior related to penalty kicks of the next opponent's team.

  • We are Ready – DFB and SAP Team up for European Finals

    We are Ready – DFB and SAP Team up for European Finals [01:18]

    The German National Football Team and SAP team up for the European Finals in France. Will SAP technology give the “Mannschaft” a competitive advantage again?

  • SOAR - Up, Up and Away!

    SOAR - Up, Up and Away! [11:16]

    It's the first episode of the show where we profile big thinkers, big ideas and we search high and low to find out what people who are making a difference are talking about!

  • Live Stadium Experience at CeBIT 2016

    Live Stadium Experience at CeBIT 2016 [01:30]

    Creating a perfect fan experience and manage large sports and entertainment events without a glitch? SAP demonstrates how Internet of Things and solutions on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform make it happen.

  • CeBIT 2016 - SAP in Sports and Entertainment

    CeBIT 2016 - SAP in Sports and Entertainment [01:05]

    Stefan Wagner, Global General Manager and SAP Head of Sports & Entertainment, talks about Digitization for fans, clubs, enterprises and leagues and the holistic offerings of SAP for these industries.

  • #Think Episode 5 - Silver

    #Think Episode 5 - Silver [03:19]

    Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, says, when it comes to the game and the business of basketball, technology is a slam dunk!

  • #THINK Episode 2: The NFL Is Crunching Numbers!

    #THINK Episode 2: The NFL Is Crunching Numbers! [02:27]

    In this episode of #THINK - SAP chats with the Assistant GM of the New York Giants, Kevin Abrams.

  • #THINK Episode 1 - Swarbrick

    #THINK Episode 1 - Swarbrick [02:37]

    Jack Swarbrick, University of Notre Dame's Athletic Director, talks about tech helping to keep Fighting Irish athletes healthy and fans engaged.

  • "The Spin" with Megan Meany, episode 60

    "The Spin" with Megan Meany, episode 60 [03:07]

    SAP was in the technology game at Super Bowl 50, Oliver Bierhoff shared winning strategies in Mexico, and on the heels of New York Fashion Week, SAP steps into a new retail relationship.

  • Eishockey Fans punkten mit SAP!

    Eishockey Fans punkten mit SAP! [02:58]

    Die neue Adler Mannheim App von SAP ist ein „Must-have“ für jeden Adler Fan. Die App bündelt Informationen über die Mannschaft und ihre Spielergebnisse und ermöglicht es gleichzeitig beim Merchandising wertvolle Punkte für exklusive Fanevents sammeln.




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