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  • Life Runs SAP

    Life Runs SAP [03:38]

    At SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, SAP demonstrates how its innovative technology touches the lives of people in ways it never has before. A major step on the way from Business runs SAP to Life runs SAP.

  • Go for Gold with "Sail Better"

    Go for Gold with "Sail Better" [03:20]

    Like businesses, sailors need the latest information to make strategic decisions – but they need it even faster. One wrong tack, a false estimation of the current, or the slightest wind shift can cost the skipper the entire race. SAP is partnering with the Sailing Team Germany – developing innovative IT solutions providing real time data analysis that can give teams the competitive edge. At the Kieler Woche 2012, the world's largest sailing regatta SAP showed how the software can help winning medals at the Olympic Games and other races to come for the Sailing Team Germany.

  • SAP Cricket Cup

    SAP Cricket Cup [03:10]

    Have you ever heard of wickets, squares, batsmen and bowlers? No? Well, neither have some of the players at the SAP Cricket Cup in Mumbai. Watch how SAP and 24 customer companies come together to play ball.

  • SAP Speeds Up

    SAP Speeds Up [02:09]

    They race at speeds up to 350 km/h, run on powerful V8 engines and have 120 sensors constantly transmitting data! Formula One Racing Cars go to extremes and are more than ever a data rich business - from simulations in aerodynamic, right across to bringing a car on the circuit. The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team has been running SAP since 2008 and is planning to use SAP HANA in the near future.

  • How to Become a "CHIO Champion"

    How to Become a "CHIO Champion" [00:46]

    With an interactive online quiz leveraging the SAP Enterprise Gamification Platform, SAP allows fans of CHIO Aachen to learn more about the event and equestrian disciplines.

  • Ingrid Klimke and Sandra Auffarth on SAP Equestrian Analytics

    Ingrid Klimke and Sandra Auffarth on SAP Equestrian Analytics [01:42]

    At the CHIO Aachen World Equestrian Festival, the two winners of the eventing competition show how the new SAP prototype based on SAP HANA technology allows fans and riders to better visualize the action on the cross-country course.

  • CHIO Aachen: Transforming Equestrian Sports

    CHIO Aachen: Transforming Equestrian Sports [00:51]

    CHIO Aachen, the World Equestrian Festival, and technology partner SAP launched the SAP Audience Judge to bring fans closer to the action. See what a judge and a stadium speaker have to say about this new technology.

  • SAP at CHIO Aachen: A Digital Event

    SAP at CHIO Aachen: A Digital Event [04:28]

    As technology partner of the biggest equestrian festival in the world, SAP tested a new prototype and presented whole new features to the CHIO Aachen mobile app. See for yourself how innovative technologies powered by SAP HANA help transform the equestrian sports and bring fans closer to the action.

  • Ingrid Klimke startet durch

    Ingrid Klimke startet durch [02:03]

    SAP and Olympiasiegerin Ingrid Klimke sind unterwegs in eine spannende Reitsport-Saison 2015. Ingrid Klimke, Partnerin der SAP im Pferdesport, gibt ihren Fans und Partnern regelmäßig die Gelegenheit, einen Blick hinter die Kulissen Ihrer Reitanlage in Münster zu werfen. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Ingrid und CHIO Aachen ist für SAP ideal, um neue Technologien für die Zukunft des Reitsports zu testen.

  • Ingrid Klimke Saddles Up

    Ingrid Klimke Saddles Up [02:03]

    SAP and Equestrian Partner and Olympic Champion Ingrid Klimke start into an exciting green season 2015. Ingrid Klimke regularly offers her fans and partners the opportunity to look behind the scenes at her stables in Muenster, Germany. Engaging fans more closely with better insight into their favorite discipline is also at the heart of SAP's sports strategy. A co-innovation partnership with Ingrid and CHIO Aachen is a natural fit to help transform equestrian sports with new technologies.

  • Manchester City Magic

    Manchester City Magic [01:34]

    SAP TV's Jackie Montesinos-Suarez gets a behind the scenes look at the City Football Academy, home of sports partner – City Football Group – and premiere state of the art facility where legends are destined to be born.




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