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  • Smart Wheelchair Contributes to Patients' Quality of Life

    Smart Wheelchair Contributes to Patients' Quality of Life [01:25]

    In a co-innovation project with Dutch wheelchair manufacturer Life & Mobility, SAP equips wheelchairs with sensors to provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between sitting posture and detrimental discomforts. The data on pressure distribution, temperature and sitting position are stored and analyzed in the SAP Cloud Platform using SAP Leonardo Analytics and IoT.

  • Antibes – A Smarter and Safer City

    Antibes – A Smarter and Safer City [03:02]

    Antibes, the famous Mediterranean resort at the French Côte d'Azur, is not only known for its beauty, it is also a smart and innovative city. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) software from SAP´s new Leonardo portfolio, the City of Antibes controls its water management system and hopes to more effectively monitor local video cameras to keep the public safe.

  • SAP's Tanja Rueckert on IoT and Machine Learning

    SAP's Tanja Rueckert on IoT and Machine Learning [02:09]

    Dr. Tanja Rueckert, EVP IoT & Digital Supply Chain, SAP SE, talks about how SAP is changing the game.

  • SAP Japan - Transforming society with IoT

    SAP Japan - Transforming society with IoT [05:06]

    Japan is partner country of this year´s CeBIT, the world´s largest IT fair. Since 1992, SAP Japan has been helping enterprises to transform their business. Now, the focus is on IoT technology to innovate every „thing“: corporations, machines and society.

  • Marketplace Japan

    Marketplace Japan [01:58]

    Earthquake detection, personalized healthcare for pregnant women or sensor vests for better safety in public transport, SAP Japan is working on the cutting edge of IoT innovation.

  • Meet, Eat, Think and Innovate@Data Space Berlin

    Meet, Eat, Think and Innovate@Data Space Berlin [02:53]

    SAP opened a new location, right in the middle of Berlin: The Data Space. Consisting of the Data Hall, an event space to rent, the Data Kitchen, a smart restaurant and the Data Hub, a Startup accelerator with focus on the Internet of Things.

  • Tea For Two with Isabella Groegor-Cechowicz

    Tea For Two with Isabella Groegor-Cechowicz [03:58]

    As SAP's Global Head of Public Services, Isabella leads SAP's push to use technologies like IoT to help build Smarter Cities and improve lives for the 50 per cent of humanity – 3.5 billion people - who live and work in urban areas.

  • Software Super Hero Enables 24/7 Safety

    Software Super Hero Enables 24/7 Safety [03:18]

    Smart cities around the world use IoT technology and other measures to ensure the safety of citizens and travelers, but there are extra precautions you can take on the road. The Prescient Traveler app sends minute to minute alerts when danger is near, covering your back wherever you are, wherever you go! SAP HANA's unique geospatial analytics suite correlates traveler locations with known and emergent threats in real-time, helping you travel smartly in a dangerous world.

  • IoT Expert Talk - Richard Kelly

    IoT Expert Talk - Richard Kelly [01:45]

    SAP TV talked to Richard Kelly, Partner McKinsey & Company about opportunities and challenges through the Internet of Things.

  • IoT Expert Talk - Ronald van Loon

    IoT Expert Talk - Ronald van Loon [02:56]

    SAP TV's Thomas Leonhardi gets insights from Ronald van Loon, Director Adversitement.

  • All Aboard the IoT Express

    All Aboard the IoT Express [03:08]

    At a joint event in a high-speed train from Rome to Naples SAP and Trenitalia showcased how Trenitalia is running into the future by using Internet of Things technology. Sensors combined with SAP IoT solutions and the SAP HANA platform allows Trenitalia to provide its customers a more efficient and reliable service and saves maintenance costs up to 8-10 %.

  • SPINterest

    SPINterest [00:55]

    If you missed SPINterest on SAP's social platforms, check it out here! SAP is on the move with Trenitalia showcasing the Internet of Things.




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