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  • "The Spin" with Megan Meany, episode 76 [02:57]

    SAP gets into the movie business and SAP TechEd kicks off in Vegas! (Sep. 2016)

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  • Internet of Things at TechEd Berlin 2014 [01:20]

    TechEd Berlin planted a seed in the minds of thousands of developers: Internet of Things use cases are limited only by the imagination. (Nov. 2014)

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  • China SAPPHIRE 2013: Reinvent the Possibilities [04:21]

    China is in the era of its third mega transformation, bringing its economy into the digital age. A record 20.000 attendees at China SAPPHIRE bear witness, for SAP this brings opportunities like never before. (Nov. 2013)

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  • The Battle of Coding [03:17]

    At SAP InnoJam Madrid developers, mentors and students meet to find out who can build the best market-proof application around Urban Matters, SAP's initiative to make cities run better. The challenge: building the app within just 30 hours! (Nov. 2012)

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  • SAPPHIRE NOW + SAP TechEd Madrid Kick Off [02:22]

    More than 10 thousand participants have come to Madrid, Spain, to experience this year's SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd as the world's premier technology conference kicks off. In the spotlight: SAP solutions in the cloud. (Nov. 2012)

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