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  • How Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke reinvented their business [03:08]

    Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke is a global player, connecting the world with its cables. The highly specialized German company, founded 120 years ago, survived with constant innovation. Now NSW demonstrates how digital transformation creates immediate business value. Based on SAP Cloud and SAP Build Service, the company developed seven mobile apps addressing business challenges. The Operations Dashboard helps operating production from anywhere, any time. Management team and production managers have a transparent overview of the production state and can react immediately in case of any problem. (Nov. 2019)

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  • SAP Art Exhibition ”From Bauhaus to AppHaus” [02:28]

    Featuring creative works by young artists, the new SAP art exhibition highlights parallels between Bauhaus and today's design thinking methods. (Nov. 2019)

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  • 2019-2020 Global HR Early Talent [01:43]

    Why we chose to kickstart my career by applying to the HR Early Talent Program at SAP? Listen to our testimonials to find out whether the HR Early Talent Program could be the chance to foster YOUR vision of a next generation HR! (Oct. 2019)

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  • The SAP DevX Challenge: Mobility for a Gridlocked World [02:34]

    SAP is bringing its development community together with mobility players to find solutions for traffic congestion in today's cities. Mobility as a Service has a promising future, but it can only succeed if local partners collaborate. (Oct. 2019)

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  • Novo Mesto is Becoming a Smart City [04:04]

    The historical Slowenian town in a scenic bend of the River Krka is going through a digital revolution. To better use precious natural resources and enhance live quality and prosperity, the city is implementing a full smart city infrastructure. Together with SAP and partner Telekom Slovenia, Novo mesto installed sensors all over the city to gather data on all aspects of the environment from water usage and air pollution to the impact of light pollution caused by artificial light which alters natural conditions. The data are collected with SAP Leonardo and analyzed with SAP Analytics, all IoT platforms run on the SAP Cloud Platform. The data are used by the municipal government to make operational decisions and by citizens using mobile apps, for example, to find available parking spaces. “We realize that managing city resources is not just a job for the government. We have to help people make lifestyle changes,” says the deputy mayor, Bostjan Grobler. “It's not enough to motivate people to buy electric cars; we have to make sure they can easily park and recharge them.” Learn how real-time insights help cities provide better citizen experiences: https://www.sap.com/industries/smart-cities.html (Oct. 2019)

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  • 2019-2020 Global HR Early Talent [02:40]

    Have you ever wondered what YOU could accomplish as an HR Early Talent at SAP? Get inspired by the experiences of the current cohort! Stay tuned for part 2 of the video to see whether the program could be the chance to foster YOUR vision of a next generation HR! (Oct. 2019)

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  • Fighting Invasive Species with SAP HANA, AI and Machine Learning [04:00]

    Climate change causes new, often times harmful, species invading new habitats jeopardizing our health. The giant hogweed is an invasive species causing serious health issues and high costs for communities in Europe and the USA. SAP teamed up with Prodrone and itelligence to use cutting edge technology to enable foresters to fight this new plague more efficiently. Find out how SAP tech helps fight invasive species: http://www.sap.com/hana (Oct. 2019)

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  • Achtsamkeitspraxis – Kopf, Körper, Herz-Check-in [01:03]

    Vielleicht kennen sie ja dieses Gefühl: sie wollen gleich eine wichtige Präsentation geben, aber fühlen sich überhaupt nicht sich selbst und dem Publikum verbunden. Lernen Sie eine einfache Übung kennen, die Ihnen hilft, in dieser Situation authentischer und präsenter für ihr Publikum zu werden. Schauen sie dieses Video von SAP Global Mindfulness Practice um mehr herauszufinden. SAP Global Mindfulness Practice hilft Mitarbeitern, produktiver zu werden, ihre Führungsqualitäten und ihre persönliches Wohlbefinden zu verbessern. Eines der erfolgreichsten SAP-Programme hat als Graswurzelinitiative begonnen. Inzwischen ist der zweitägige Workshop für Achtsamkeit und emotionale Intelligenz „Search Inside Yourself“ SAPs beliebtestes Training, mit mehr als 9000 Absolventen und über 8000 Mitarbeitern auf der Warteliste. „Unser Ziel ist klar: wir wollen das Wohlbefinden der Mitarbeiter am Arbeitsplatz verbessern“, sagt Peter Bostelmann, SAPs Chief Mindfulness Officer und Head of Global Mindfulness Practice. „SAP profitiert am meisten davon, wenn die Mitarbeiter im Job völlig bei der Sache sind. Der Search Inside Yourself-Kurs hilft Menschen, ihre Konzentration zu verbessern, mitfühlend und empathisch sowie authentisch zu sein.“ Auch SAPs Kunden lernen von SAP Global Mindfulness Practice: https://news.sap.com/germany/2019/07/achtsamkeitstraining-wohlbefinden-produktivitaet-fuehrungskompetenz/ (Aug. 2019)

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  • Mindfulness Practice – Head, Body, Heart Check-in [01:02]

    Maybe you know the feeling: you are about to give an important presentation and don't really feel connected with yourself and your audience. Find out about a simple exercise that helps you better perceive your situation and be more authentic and present for your audience. To find out more, watch this video from SAP Global Mindfulness Practice. SAP Global Mindfulness Practice helps employees improve their well-being, productivity and leadership skills. One of the most successful employee programs at SAP started as a grassroots initiative. Some years later, the two-day mindfulness and emotional intelligence workshop “Search Inside Yourself” has become the company's most popular training, with more than 9,000 trained practitioners and over 8,000 employees on waiting lists. https://news.sap.com/2018/09/mindfulness-training-master-digital-transformation/ “Our goal is crystal clear: Improve employee well-being in the workplace,” says Peter Bostelmann, SAP's Chief Mindfulness Officer and Head of Global Mindfulness Practice. “SAP benefits most when everyone is fully present at work. The Search Inside Yourself course is designed to help people improve their concentration, become compassionate and empathetic, and stay true to themselves.” Even SAP's customers learn from SAP Global Mindfulness Practice. https://news.sap.com/2019/05/sap-global-mindfulness-practices-well-being-productivity/ (Aug. 2019)

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  • Mind the Gap – Are You Ready for the Experience Economy? [01:01]

    Humans experience 27 different types of feelings, and any of them can make or break entire industries. Moments tend to be more memorable than goods, yet there's a big disconnect between expectations and reality when it comes to perceived customer experience. Technology can help bridge this experience gap and bring us closer together. Learn more about the future of Experience Management at: www.sap.com/xm (Aug. 2019)

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