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  • Hasso Plattner Founders' Award 2018 [02:40]

    (Feb. 2019)

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  • Putting People First: SAP at WEF 2019 Davos [02:30]

    In Davos the SAP delegation induced the need to restore trust, strengthen social collaboration and address the growing concerns around Artificial Intelligence to the business and political leaders gathered. (Jan. 2019)

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  • The Digital Access Model – a First of Its Kind [02:57]

    How an SAP team rethought commercial approaches. (Jan. 2019)

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  • Mindfulness Plays a Big Role in my Life [01:49]

    As SAP's Global Ombudsperson, Margret Ammann, supports employees in difficult situations helping them to find a solution. Her mindfulness practice helps her to stay impartial and to listen openly to any client that seeks her advice. What gives her new energy is her hobby, book-binding. To achieve a good result, she needs to be fully present in the moment and stay concentrated during the whole process – a rewarding exercise. (Jan. 2019)

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  • Reimagining Customer Engagement [03:08]

    Putting the customer at the center of everything:–The New Customer eXperience team took it to heart and flipped the script on how SAP works with customers. (Jan. 2019)

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  • Better Decisions with SAP Business Network [02:53]

    The SAP Business Network processes $2.6T of global commerce annually. But it's so much more than that. (Jan. 2019)

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  • Welcome to a New, In-Solution Support Experience [02:54]

    DSX built-in support offers customers intelligent, personalized guidance to help them answer their questions and solve issues. (Dec. 2018)

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  • Gardener - Planting the Seeds of Success in the Cloud [02:31]

    Take a stroll through the scenic Gardener project and the “develop once, run anywhere” philosophy at the heart of the SAP Cloud Platform. (Nov. 2018)

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  • Humor and Easiness Help Enormously in the Everyday Life [01:31]

    As head of global employee communications, Rebecca Nicholson is the link between the Executive Board, leadership and employees. This often means high pressure, high working loads and tight deadlines. Especially when it's getting tough, her natural sense of humor helps her to keep a little distance and not to take herself too seriously. In her team, she often shares funny drawings or videos – good team spirit is highly valued. (Nov. 2018)

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  • A Project of Global Proportions [02:33]

    SAP Runs SAP": How one team rose to the challenge of implementing a project for a very special audience – the entire workforce of SAP. (Nov. 2018)

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