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  • Smart Wheelchair Contributes to Patients' Quality of Life [01:25]

    In a co-innovation project with Dutch wheelchair manufacturer Life & Mobility, SAP equips wheelchairs with sensors to provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between sitting posture and detrimental discomforts. The data on pressure distribution, temperature and sitting position are stored and analyzed in the SAP Cloud Platform using SAP Leonardo Analytics and IoT. (Apr. 2018)

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  • Smart Wheelchair can improve the life of Millions of people sitting in a wheelchair [04:09]

    The long-term effects of sitting in a wheelchair can be devastating: patients can get pressure ulcers and spine and muscle deformities, feel pain or are simply exhausted after up to 14 hours of sitting. Bad posture is a major challenge to them, because often wheelchair-bound patients are not able to control or change their sitting position on their own. With 132 million people in wheelchairs, this is a big problem in terms of individual's pain and high costs for the healthcare system. SAP Netherlands is working to change by developing a smart wheelchair. Created in collaboration with Dutch manufacturer of wheelchairs and mobility scooters, Life & Mobility, an advanced prototype of the smart wheelchair has integrated sensors that continually generate mass data from the patient actually sitting in it, for example the pressure distribution in the seat and backrest. Based on SAP Leonardo, these big data are collected and stored centrally in the SAP Cloud Platform and analyzed with help of SAP Analytics. (Apr. 2018)

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  • Designing Modern Luxury - SAP Design Talk with Klaus Frenzel (Daimler) [02:50]

    Klaus Frenzel of Daimler spoke at SAP about designing modern luxury cars. (Jul. 2017)

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  • "The Spin" with Megan Meany, episode 64 [03:31]

    SAP leaders lock in for another 5 years, Design Thinking stirs big thoughts with Korea's president and brace yourself for mobile madness! (Apr. 2016)

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  • SAP Mobile App Competition 2015 [02:41]

    At the Mobile App Competition with an impressive 72-hour final sprint SAP brought together three talent polls – startups with razor-sharp customer focus, students with millennial mindsets, and employees who understand company pain points – to design and program productivity apps that have the potential to improve the working lives of SAP employees and become the next generation business solutions. (Sep. 2015)

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  • Tea for Two: Rick Costanzo [03:01]

    On the eve of the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Rick Costanzo talks about enterprise mobility and the value that big data analytics and SAP HANA can provide to the mobile industry. (Feb. 2015)

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  • Fighting Diabetes with SAP App [02:26]

    Diabetes is a very common disease, with some eight Million patients in Germany alone. Pharma giant Roche and SAP have partnered to provide a program that could revolutionize prevention and cure of Type-2 Diabetes, allowing for personalized treatment. (Feb. 2015)

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  • SAP Healthcare Reaches Underserved Communities [03:32]

    For people in rural areas, particularly in developing countries, getting medical care and ongoing preventative treatment is a huge challenge. Some countries are tackling the problem with healthcare innovations backed by collaborations with technology providers like SAP. See how Previta, a social business in Mexico, is using software donated by SAP to simplify healthcare delivery across the countryside. SAP is also co-innovating with organizations in Kenya and India to create rural healthcare solutions. (Feb. 2015)

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  • SAP Electrifies [01:21]

    SAP moves into gear with its electric car initiative. In order to support its ambitious CO2 reduction goals, SAP aims to increase the portion of electric company cars to 20% by 2020. (Jun. 2014)

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  • Future of Mobility: SAP Connected Cars [00:34]

    SAP HANA will allow cars to communicate with each other. With Big Data Analysis by SAP roads will be safer by 2020. (Mar. 2014)

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