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  • Cloud SPIN [03:36]

    It's scalable, it's open and it's innovative. SAP Cloud. Tune in to the SPIN and get in the growth game. (Oct. 2017)

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  • Shoe Shopping is Going Digital [02:40]

    Everybody can now design their individual pair of shoes and have it produced within a week. Sounds like science fiction – not in Chengdu, China. A unique co-innovation project of SAP and Aimickey Shoe Company uses SAP Connected Products, based on the SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo Machine Learning, to take shoe design and production to the next level. It accelerates the design process and allows for more individual products without raising costs. (May. 2017)

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  • Find a Cure for ALS - In Memoriam Zohar Rosenblat [02:34]

    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive paralysis and eventual death within a few years. There is no cure available, yet. Meirav Daniel, a Development Expert from SAP Labs Israel, is dedicated to help ALS sufferers. The ALS Mobile Analyzer Meirav has developed with a small team, opens up the path to find a cure for ALS. Based on SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA, the app allows anonymized data of more than 200 ALS patients from all around the world to be collected and analyzed, bringing researchers closer to understand this mysterious disease. In memory of Zohar Rosenblat who died in July 2017. (May. 2017)

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  • The Digital Renaissance [02:11]

    The world is becoming increasingly digital and moving faster than ever. We have entered a digital renaissance. And once again, Leonardo will show the way. Meet SAP Leonardo, a digital innovation system. With SAP Leonardo, organizations can easily use the latest innovations in advanced analytics, machine learning, Internet of Things and more, to make their businesses more intelligent and successful. (May. 2017)

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  • Come Fly with SAP at CeBIT 2017 [00:36]

    The era of digital transformation is a big challenge for airports. See how large logistical hubs can run live and run simple at CeBIT with the help of SAP and partners. (Mar. 2017)

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  • Secure Industry 4.0 – Bundesdruckerei at CeBIT [00:39]

    The digital future means networking – and this simply has to be secure. Especially when it comes to producing passports. Bundesdruckerei has set up a real minifactory at CeBIT to show how that works. (Mar. 2017)

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  • Customized Shopping Experience with SAP [00:37]

    Every foot is individual and so are the sneakers of the future. SAP and adidas introduce a 3D printed shoe customized to your feet's specifications. Watch how you can Run Live and Run Simple with SAP S/4 HANA and adidas. (Mar. 2017)

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  • SAP Japan - Transforming society with IoT [05:06]

    Japan is partner country of this year´s CeBIT, the world´s largest IT fair. Since 1992, SAP Japan has been helping enterprises to transform their business. Now, the focus is on IoT technology to innovate every „thing“: corporations, machines and society. (Mar. 2017)

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  • Marketplace Japan [01:58]

    Earthquake detection, personalized healthcare for pregnant women or sensor vests for better safety in public transport, SAP Japan is working on the cutting edge of IoT innovation. (Mar. 2017)

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  • Consumer Insights in Minutes [01:53]

    Start-ups and growing businesses can now unlock the power of consumer mobile data to help their profits in just a couple of clicks – with SAP Digital Consumer Insight. (Jan. 2017)

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