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  • The Cloud Enabler [02:55]

    Enterprises and consumers expect 24/7 cloud computing, without interruption. Talent at SAP Labs in Hungary is delivering the infrastructure and tools to ensure an optimal user experience.   (Apr. 2017)

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  • Cloud Computing - An Explanation Made Simple [03:00]

    SAP's Peter Maier shows how a cloud company like SAP stacks up... literally. (Dec. 2014)

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  • "Tea for Two: Simon Paris" with Paul Taylor [03:21]

    Tea for Two is a series of video conversations with SAP's technology and business leaders. In my second conversation I talk with Simon Paris, President of Industry Cloud. We discuss cloud computing and why SAP is uniquely positioned to be the enterprise cloud leader. (Nov. 2014)

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  • "Tea for Two: Helen Arnold" with Paul Taylor [02:52]

    Tea for Two is a series of video conversations with SAP's technology and business leaders. My first guest is Helen Arnold SAP's chief information officer. Helen discusses cloud computing, technology trends and what it is like to run SAP's tech infrastructure. (Oct. 2014)

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  • SAP: 40 Years of Innovation, Long Version [07:34]

    Final cut of the 40th Anniversary Video. Revised with new, early customer and employee interviews and more Hasso and Dietmar Hopp! Rewind to the 1970s, when five mavericks risked everything by breaking away from Big Blue to realize their vision for the power of business software. That same vision powers SAP today. First broadcast at SAPPHIRE NOW 2012 for co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe keynote. Tune in for the full story. (Jul. 2012)

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  • SAP at CeBIT 2012 – the "Wow" Feeling [02:43]

    In the year of its 40th anniversary SAP introduced a completely new concept for its CeBIT stand in Hall 4. See for yourself what the new SAP looks like. (Mar. 2012)

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  • 2011 in Review: The Next Era of Transformation [05:02]

    2011: a year to remember for SAP. The software company made it clear it wants to lead in analytics, mobile, in-memory, cloud and database. Again, SAP delivered on its goal, helping to make the world run better. (Dec. 2011)

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  • ChariTra - The Power of Technology for Social Causes [01:39]

    ChariTra is a recently launched online network for social causes, which enables non-profit organizations to post their needs. Individuals or organizations who want to support a need, can get registered and make a promise to volunteer time or resources. This unique application was built at SAP Labs India, it is based on SAP HANA and runs in the cloud. (Nov. 2011)

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