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    The SPIN, on location in Orlando, has all the SAPPHIRE NOW buzz from SAP Leonardo's launch to powerful partnership announcements and celebrity sightings. (May. 2017)

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  • SAPPHIRE NOW Spotlight: Michael Dell [03:15]

    The CEO of Dell sits down with SAP TV's Global Anchor, Megan Meany, to talk about the digital transformation trend. (May. 2017)

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  • SAPPHIRE NOW 2016: A Win for Healthcare [01:42]

    There are many reasons why there was so much buzz surrounding healthcare at SAPPHIRE NOW. It's big data and precision medicine coming together to save lives! (May. 2016)

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  • #THINK: Dr. Sabine Remdisch, Leadership Garage at Stanford [03:07]

    SAP TV and Dr. Sabine Remdisch talk about the skills needed in the digital economy. (May. 2016)

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  • SAPPHIRE STOOP with Reggie Jackson [02:21]

    Mr. October, Reggie Jackson, revs-up the conversation talking about his classic car business that runs SAP. (May. 2016)

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  • "The Spin" with Megan Meany, episode 68 [04:55]

    Bill McDermott kicks of the SAPPHIRE NOW Spin special with his keynote messaging live from the show floor. (May. 2016)

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  • Machine Learning is HOT! [01:12]

    Juergen Mueller, Head of SAP Innovation Center Network, explains what machine learning is, how it can improve people's lives and increase efficiency. (May. 2016)

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  • THE SPIN OFF [02:58]

    For more hot headlines out of sunny Orlando --tune in tomorrow for a special edition of The Spin from SAPPHIRE NOW (May. 2016)

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  • What is Live Business? [01:05]

    Customers, influencers and thought leaders attending SAPPHIRE NOW all agree: Live Business is key to the future of digital transformation. (May. 2016)

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  • Imagine a World with No Constraints [01:45]

    S/4HANA enables customers to completely re-imagine what they can achieve when system response times are reduced to zero (May. 2016)

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