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  • Viva con Agua [02:54]

    SAP develops a presales-app, based on SAP Cloud Platform, for Viva con Agua, a Hamburg-based global community of activists, taking care of clean drinking water in developing countries. (Mar. 2018)

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  • An Icepick in the Eye [05:34]

    Richard Posthuma suffers from cluster headache disorder - or simply suicide headache. Very little is known about this chronical disease with intervals of intense pain. There are simply not enough patient data available. To change that, Richard initiated a headache app, based on the SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA, that allows medical data from chronical headache patients to be collected and analyzed. The app is tested with patients in the Netherlands. (Oct. 2017)

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  • Take The Pressure Off Big Building Projects [03:42]

    The clock is ticking for Daniel Boulton, construction manager at Mace, a contractor responsible for high profile projects like the London Olympics. Can he meet the deadline for 464 apartments at a new riverside destination in spite of massive logistical challenges? The Sablono Project Management Platform, running on SAP HANA, helps ensure homeowners move in on time. (Oct. 2017)

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  • Find a Cure for ALS - In Memoriam Zohar Rosenblat [02:34]

    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive paralysis and eventual death within a few years. There is no cure available, yet. Meirav Daniel, a Development Expert from SAP Labs Israel, is dedicated to help ALS sufferers. The ALS Mobile Analyzer Meirav has developed with a small team, opens up the path to find a cure for ALS. Based on SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA, the app allows anonymized data of more than 200 ALS patients from all around the world to be collected and analyzed, bringing researchers closer to understand this mysterious disease. In memory of Zohar Rosenblat who died in July 2017. (May. 2017)

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  • Tea for Two with SAP's Diane Fanelli [03:41]

    Diane Fanelli, Senior Vice President of Global Channels & Digital Enterprise Platform at SAP, talks about SAP's partnership programs and the upcoming SAP HANA Innovation Awards which are open to partners for the first time. (Mar. 2017)

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  • FC Bayern Basketball Uses SAP Sports One [01:39]

    As first basketball team world-wide, the German Bundesliga team FC Bayern Basketball is using SAP Sports One to manage the team and players efficiently, and to optimize their performance using analysis data. (Feb. 2017)

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  • Satellite Data Takes Digital Businesses to New Heights [02:40]

    The European Space Agency is the largest source of Earth observation data in the world. Now in cooperation with SAP and its Center for Digital Leadership, vast amounts of satellite images are analyzed in real-time and evaluated for businesses and organizations globally. See how reinsurer Munich Re is currently leveraging geospatial satellite data to more accurately calculate costs and risks related to wildfires -- and even gain insights into the future probability of wildfires. (Jan. 2017)

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  • Digital Powers the Fans! [01:12]

    At the heart of one of the most tech savvy stadiums in the world is SAP interactive and digital technology for thousands of game-day fans at Levi's Stadium in California – changing the sport one game at a time. (Dec. 2016)

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  • The Secret to Smart Cities [02:31]

    Cities can't be smart without hyperconnectivity, but a smart approach to data management is equally important. Find out how innovations to SAP's flagship product SAP HANA can service the needs of enterprises and cities for agility and stability, and marvel at the ways SAP's new microservices can help cities and organizations become even smarter by managing risk from natural disasters. (Nov. 2016)

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  • Hasso Plattner Founders' Award Finalist: SAP Fieldglass [01:45]

    SAP Fieldglass Agile Cloud Hosting accelerates international expansion through a simplified private cloud infrastructure. (Nov. 2016)

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