Enslin Tells The Street: SAP Winning with Innovation

by Barry Bishop (SAP AG), Aug 15th, 2012

In a live video interview with Gregg Greenberg, reporter from thestreet.com, Rob Enslin, President of Global Customer Operations at SAP, tells viewers that SAP success is based on innovation. Enslin says the stock is up because customers are voting with their pocketbooks, buying innovation to be more competitive in a tight economy.

The sales chief tells The Street SAP’s 200,000 customers like mobility and big data. In Europe, Enslin says SAP has had a “remarkable run” with double digit growth and 20+% recently. “The innovation story is making a big difference in Europe,” he notes. Enslin also stresses the importance of Cloud and Big Data in continued growth. Enslin says, “Big data is about intelligence and intelligence is where your company needs to be.” The head of SAP sales wraps the interview with a quick note on SAP competition with Oracle – SAP is focused on software, not hardware like Oracle and that’s where the future of growth lies. TheStreet.com was founded by CNBC’s Jim Cramer and is one of the leading business websites in the world with over 4.7 million unique visitors per month.





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