Sailing better with SAP hightech on board

by Thomas Leonhardi (SAP - Global Head of TV Media Relations, Jul 6th, 2012

SAP TV has been at Kieler Woche - a huge gathering of sailing ships of all sizes and on land the biggest festival in northern Europe. Many regattas and match races took place. The Sailing Team Germany also trained for the Olympics in London.

They hope to get at least two medals. The sailors and trainers take advantage of using a new developed software helping them to sail better and beat the competition. Sailors need the latest information to make strategic decisions – but they need it even faster. One wrong tack, a false estimation of the current, or the slightest wind shift can cost the skipper the entire race. SAP is partnering with the Sailing Team Germany – developing innovative IT solutions providing real time data analysis that can give teams the competitive edge.

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