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  • SAP + GENYOUth - Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Through Sports and Technology [02:15]

    SAP, a global leader in sports and technology, partners with GENYOUth, the largest health organization in the U.S., to empower tomorrow's future workforce and business leaders through its corporate social responsibility program for youth entrepreneurship. More than 1,000 students and top executives gathered in Dallas for the annual Nutrition + Physical Activity Learning Connection Summit and Fuel Up to Play Learn Expo to re-imagine nutrition and physical activity in schools through new collaborations and cutting edge science. (Jul. 2014)

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  • Ingrid Klimke's Ride at CHIO Aachen [08:15]

    During the eventing competition at CHIO Aachen 2014, Olympic Champion Ingrid Klimke is wearing a data logger, a pulse sensor and a helmet camera on the cross-country course to test an SAP prototype in action: SAP Equestrian Analytics, which is part of a co-innovation project with CHIO Aachen to make the biggest equestrian event in the world a truly digital experience. (Jul. 2014)

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  • SAP at CHIO Aachen: A Digital Event [04:28]

    As technology partner of the biggest equestrian festival in the world, SAP tested a new prototype and presented whole new features to the CHIO Aachen mobile app. See for yourself how innovative technologies powered by SAP HANA help transform the equestrian sports and bring fans closer to the action. (Jul. 2014)

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  • CHIO Aachen: Transforming Equestrian Sports [00:51]

    CHIO Aachen, the World Equestrian Festival, and technology partner SAP launched the SAP Audience Judge to bring fans closer to the action. See what a judge and a stadium speaker have to say about this new technology. (Jul. 2014)

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  • Ingrid Klimke and Sandra Auffarth on SAP Equestrian Analytics [01:42]

    At the CHIO Aachen World Equestrian Festival, the two winners of the eventing competition show how the new SAP prototype based on SAP HANA technology allows fans and riders to better visualize the action on the cross-country course. (Jul. 2014)

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  • How to Become a "CHIO Champion" [00:46]

    With an interactive online quiz leveraging the SAP Enterprise Gamification Platform, SAP allows fans of CHIO Aachen to learn more about the event and equestrian disciplines. (Jul. 2014)

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  • Big Planes – Big Data [01:04]

    Over 1,500 international exhibitors and more than100,000 trade visitors over 5 days. The Farnborough International Airshow, next stop of the SAP Big Data Tour 2014. (Jul. 2014)

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  • Bill McDermott on Strong Q2 Results [01:20]

    SAP CEO Bill McDermott comments on SAP's strong Q2 results. McDermott highlights that the big data analysis tool "SAP Match Insights solution for football" powered by SAP HANA helped the German National Football Team winning the World Cup in Brazil. (Jul. 2014)

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  • Simplicity Wins – The SAP Cup 2014 [05:13]

    World Cup atmosphere in Rettigheim. 81 teams from around the globe have come to the legendary SAP Cup to find out who is the best on the football pitch. A classic event with epic matches. (Jul. 2014)

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  • Ingrid Klimke is New SAP Advisor for Equestrian Sports [01:28]

    The German Olympics Gold medalist Ingrid Klimke will advise SAP how to best use technology to simplify and enrich the fan experience at equestrian events. Drawing from her 21-year-long experience, the well-known athlete and trainer also helps SAP and CHIO Aachen to develop analytics software to enhance the riders' performance. The pilot project "Equestrian Analytics" will be presented at the World Equestrian Festival CHIO Aachen 2014 for the first time. (Jul. 2014)

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