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  • Bill McDermott on SAP's Q1 2014 Results [00:43]

    Bill McDermott, Co-CEO of SAP AG, comments on SAP's First Quarter 2014 Results. (Apr. 2014)

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  • Touchdown! The New NFL Fan Experience Powered by SAP [03:02]

    For real NFL fans, the fun does not end once Sunday's game is over. With Fantasy Football, based on real data provided by the NFL and analyzed with SAP HANA, they can prolong their fan experience by managing their own team. (Mar. 2014)

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  • ICT Academy Supported by SAP: Educating South Africa [03:21]

    In South Africa, many adolescents lack the means to get a higher education - while employers can't find the skilled people they need to grow the economy. SAP supports the ICT Academy in Johannesburg to fight these difficulties. By bringing skilled SAP consultants to the job market ICT Academy is improving the lives of disadvantaged young people. (Apr. 2014)

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  • Plan International: Disaster Relief with SAP [00:45]

    See how NGO Plan International uses SAP's cloud-based HR solution to better and faster allocate relief personnel in disaster areas such as the Philippines. (Mar. 2014)

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  • HR in the Cloud - Plan International [00:37]

    Mark Banbury, Global CIO of Plan International, a global disaster relief organization, explains the advantages of SAP's cloud-based HR solution. (Mar. 2014)

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  • Start with a Dream [02:47]

    London, famous for its banking industry, is becoming increasingly known for its thriving start-up scene. SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott has come to the capital of the UK to meet the next generation of innovators at University College London. He engaged with students and young entrepreneurs to learn about their mindset and shared as well insights of his career. (Mar. 2014)

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  • Best of CeBIT 2014 [00:53]

    The best and brightest moments from SAP at this year's CeBIT - watch the highlights. (Mar. 2014)

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  • Big Data Analysis in Football with SAP HANA [00:51]

    At CeBIT 2014 SAP introduces a brand-new application for analyzing football matches. Player data, performance and tactics can be monitored and analyzed in real-time powered by SAP HANA. (Mar. 2014)

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  • Personalized Shopping Experience with SAP [00:42]

    A smart vending machine was one of the attractions at the SAP stand at CeBIT 2014. SAP Mobile Solutions enable a seamless data integration from warehouse to consumer. (Mar. 2014)

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  • Datenanalyse im Fußball mit SAP HANA auf der CeBIT 2014 [00:51]

    Auf der CeBIT 2014 stellte SAP eine brandneue Applikation zur Echtzeitanalyse im Fußball vor. Mit SAP HANA lassen sich so Spieltaktiken und individuelle Leistungen einzelner Spieler anschaulich und effektiv analysieren. (Mar. 2014)

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