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  • Opening New Horizons – SAP Social Sabbatical in Kenya [03:47]

    Ever thought of taking a sabbatical from your job? SAP takes the traditional sabbatical one step further and offers selected employees the opportunity to help small businesses and entrepreneurs in emerging markets with their business issues. Jim Tubman, a Senior Support Consultant based in Ireland, kept a video diary of his experience in Kenya for us. (Jun. 2014)

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  • SAP Health Central - with High Tech towards a Healthy Nation [03:38]

    In rural India the medical situation for young people is still a challenge - many children suffer from diseases and health problems. Now for the first time, the health of children in India's most remote areas can be monitored with SAP Health Central powered by SAP HANA. (Apr. 2014)

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  • A Healthy Nation with SAP Health Central [00:38]

    A new SAP solution powered by SAP HANA now helps monitoring the health of children in India's remotest areas. (Apr. 2014)

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  • Helping Typhoon Victims - SAP and Plan International [03:43]

    In October 2013, a devastating typhoon hit the Philippines leaving behind more than 800,000 people - many of them children - homeless. Plan International, one of the world's largest children's development organizations, immediately stepped in to care for the victims. A cloud-based HR solution from Success Factors, an SAP company, enables the organization to oversee and manage its more than 10,000 employees and freelancers. Plan International can now retrieve staff data instantly, allowing them to send the right aid workers to where they are needed most - with the help of SAP. (Mar. 2014)

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  • Plan International: Disaster Relief with SAP [00:45]

    See how NGO Plan International uses SAP's cloud-based HR solution to better and faster allocate relief personnel in disaster areas such as the Philippines. (Mar. 2014)

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  • B-TECH School: Young Talent Enhancement [02:30]

    Enhancing education is one of SAP's top social priorities worldwide. In New York City, SAP launches an initiative: a new type of technology school developed by SAP that combines a high school and college curriculum with a strong focus on business and technology. At B-TECH School, students are enabled to focus on a career in the technology world. (Feb. 2014)

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  • Brazilian Artisans Sell Globally with Solidarium [02:46]

    With its online platform, Solidarium helps artisans increase their sales and escape poverty. On his journey, founder Tiago Dalvi is supported by SAP and Endeavor as part of the SAP Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative. (Feb. 2014)

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  • Artesãos Brasileiros Vendem Mundo Afora Com a Solidarium [02:46]

    Por meio de uma plataforma online, a Solidarium ajuda artesãos a aumentarem suas vendas e incrementarem a renda familiar. Em sua missão, Tiago Dalvi é apoiado pela SAP e Endeavor em um programa de fomento ao empreendedorismo. (Feb. 2014)

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  • Social Innovation for a Better World [03:14]

    In 2013, a look at SAP CSR projects around the world shows, a better-run world through social innovation from SAP is already taking shape. (Dec. 2013)

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  • SAP Empowering Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs [03:34]

    The key for entrepreneurial success: a good idea, talent, and capital. SAP now adds mentorship and tech donations to the formula, with its Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative. (Nov. 2013)

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