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  • Big Planes – Big Data [01:04]

    Over 1,500 international exhibitors and more than100,000 trade visitors over 5 days. The Farnborough International Airshow, next stop of the SAP Big Data Tour 2014. (Jul. 2014)

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  • SAP and Core Mobile Simplify Healthcare [02:15]

    Core Mobile's President and CEO, Chandra Tekwani presents "Corey for Healthcare": running on SAP HANA. (Jun. 2014)

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  • Tenths of Seconds Make the Difference [00:49]

    Chris Burton talks about the use of SAP HANA for the McLaren Mercedes Formula One Team. (Jun. 2014)

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  • A Future with Less Pain – Seoul Hospital Turns to SAP HANA [03:27]

    Thanks to SAP's in-memory technology, the Seoul National University Hospital gets a clear big picture for diseases in a faster, timelier manner. After adopting SAP HANA for the clinical indicator system, the preventive antibiotics usage for the surgical procedures could be reduced dramatically. (Jun. 2014)

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  • Berlin Start-Up Builds Up with SAP HANA [03:24]

    Today, complex construction sites in every city often cause ineffective processes and the risk of delays and exploding costs for constructors. Young entrepreneurs facing these challenges of construction management founded the start-up company Sablono based in Berlin. In cooperation with the SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam, Sablono created highly adjusted solutions relying on big data processing powered by SAP HANA. (Jun. 2014)

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  • Big Data Truck on Tour [00:58]

    SAP Big Data Truck in Europe: 17 countries from Finland to Portugal in 6 months. The truck hosts Big Data showcases - including football. Find out more in this video. (May. 2014)

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  • SAP Health Central - with High Tech towards a Healthy Nation [03:38]

    In rural India the medical situation for young people is still a challenge - many children suffer from diseases and health problems. Now for the first time, the health of children in India's most remote areas can be monitored with SAP Health Central powered by SAP HANA. (Apr. 2014)

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  • A Healthy Nation with SAP Health Central [00:38]

    A new SAP solution powered by SAP HANA now helps monitoring the health of children in India's remotest areas. (Apr. 2014)

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  • Touchdown! The New NFL Fan Experience Powered by SAP [03:02]

    For real NFL fans, the fun does not end once Sunday's game is over. With Fantasy Football, based on real data provided by the NFL and analyzed with SAP HANA, they can prolong their fan experience by managing their own team. (Mar. 2014)

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  • Neue wirkungsvolle Krebstherapien - mit SAP HANA [03:43]

    Krebspatienten müssen sich häufig über Jahre gedulden, bis eine Therapie anschlägt. Das Nationale Zentrum für Tumorerkrankungen in Heidelberg kooperiert mit SAP, um dieses Problem zu lösen. Die Analyse von Vergleichsdaten und Erfahrungswerten mit dem Patient Data Explorer auf Basis der Datenmanagementplattform SAP HANA ermöglicht individualisierte, auf den Patienten abgestimmte Therapien gegen Krebs. (Mar. 2014)

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