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  • SAP and BTECH – Shaping Tomorrow's Workforce [00:48]

    Hoa Tu, principal of B-Tech School, talks about their collaboration with SAP in shaping the workforce of the future. (Jun. 2014)

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  • Millennial View on SAPPHIRE NOW [00:43]

    Hear what millennial participants think of SAPPHIRE NOW in 2014. (Jun. 2014)

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  • Keep It Simple - SAP CEO Bill McDermott at SAPPHIRE NOW [02:11]

    SAP CEO Bill McDermott talks with Hannah Jackson at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference about the customers' need to reduce complexity in their processes. He also points out analogies between sports and business. (Jun. 2014)

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  • Exploring SAPPHIRE NOW [02:03]

    SAP TV Millennial reporter Hannah Jackson strolls along the fairground discovering how exciting SAPPHIRE NOW can be. (Jun. 2014)

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  • Transforming Sports [00:35]

    Celebrity sportscaster Bonnie Bernstein shares her insights how SAP is transforming the sports world. (Jun. 2014)

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  • NFL and Big Data - A Winning Team [01:21]

    NFL Hall of Fame Running Back and SAP Ambassador Marshall Faulk shares his view on the beauty of Big Data in sports at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando. (Jun. 2014)

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  • Future Workforce at SAPPHIRE NOW [00:55]

    What does the next generation expect from a workplace? SAP TV Millennial reporter Hannah Jackson got some answers at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando. (Jun. 2014)

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  • The Future of Healthcare [01:03]

    Dr. David Delaney on the impact of Big Data on healthcare and the quality of patient care. (Jun. 2014)

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  • SAP FIORI - The Power of Simple [01:15]

    The first big announcement at SAPPHIRE NOW 2014: SAP Fiori is included in SAP software. Modernizing the user experience. (Jun. 2014)

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  • The Future of Work at SAPPHIRE NOW from Orlando [01:38]

    "Challenge the convention: Millennials are looking for more than making coffee", Jacob Morgan, Future of Work Consultant and Author at SAPPHIRE NOW from Orlando in 2014. (Jun. 2014)

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